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Weak Notrump

Do you ever play weak 1NT opening bid? Do you recommend them? Yes, I play Weak No Trumps with a few very experienced partners. My favorite range is 12-14 because it comes up so often. I also play 10-13 with two partners. I do not recommend them for beginning/intermediate players because so much of the available literature is based on strong (15-17) no trumps. If you decide to try out weak no trumps, be sure to include a "run out" system for when you are doubled for penalty. (I play "Hayashi" with most partners--immediate redouble is transfer to clubs to get out in any single suited hand; bid is that suit and suit above; pass forces a redouble--unless opponents bid--and after redouble, bid show NON-touching suits.)--maritha

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Forcing Reverse?

In Standard American is 1-P-2-P- 2 a reverse showing extra values? What about 2 over 1 ? The all too common "partnership agreement" is your answer here. Most of my partners play that 2 by partner after responder has made a 2 over 1 response (whether playing 2 over 1 or standard American) is simply shape showing and does not show extras so 2NT by responder would NOT be forcing in Standard American. Of course, in 2 over 1, you are in a game force, but only a couple of my partners play that 2 guarantees extras (at least a King extra). And a few partners play Flannery to show the opening hand with 5 (or more) hearts and 4 spades. When playing Flannery as 11-15, the above sequence would definitely show extras--16 or more HCP. maritha


Bridge Queries

What is the best line of play, contract 6NT by South, lead club 8. North--S:Q, H:A4, D:AQJ862, C:AQJ7 South--S:AJT9, H:KQ832, D:7, C:K53  

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