This is a new bridge web site associated with the district 22 website. The District website is meant to contain tournament information about tournaments and bridge events.  It also serves as an archive for District 22 documents.  This new site is called the District 22 kibitzer and is meant to serve several purposes some of which we haven’t even thought about.  It functions as a message board, and as a District “blog” with the district members serving as “bloggers”.  The less experienced players in particular are encouraged to submit hands for discussion of bidding and play.  Some of our experienced players will provide their opinions as to ways to handle the hands under discussion.

You may also submit suggestions and comments about the conduct of tournaments or anything else that might improve our tournaments.  Discussions about Director rulings are also in order, maybe we can get the directors to respond to some of those.  Maybe some of us will write an occasional column about a particular convention or  about hand evaluation or some other topic.  Feel free to write about some of the above or to submit a request for information about a particular topic.

Comments  on other posts are encouraged (polite of course).

At the moment you have to register with some login name then a password will be mailed to you. (immediate).  After registering you login using the password, on the leftside near the top will be an item called Posts.  Click on that.  you will be taken to a page where you can submit a post.  be sure to check the correct category, else it will go to miscellaneous.  press submit.  at the moment we have to review it and then approve it to avoid getting spam.  so posting is not immediate.  comments on other posts can be done directly below the post.  just click on leave a comment.  put your user name in and submit.  other info need not be filled out.

To include suit symbols in a post or comment put an exclamation point (aka bang) in front of the letter for the suit so ! H without the space between becomes . This plugin is donated by Kitty Cooper and can be purchased for your own wordpress blog at her bridgeteaching.com site which has many free lessons and other support for bridge teachers and learners.