Notice to Advertisers and Correspondents 

By Joel Hoersch 

D22 Forum Editor 

The Forum newspaper that you receive each month is one of the main benefits which your district provides for you as a product of your membership fee. In order that we can give you the best service possible, it will be helpful if all who do business with us remember a few simple guidelines and principles so that those of us at the Forum office can do our jobs more efficiently. Check the following paragraphs and see if they apply to you: 

Unit Advertising 

If you advertise with us, you should be advised that the District Board is the office which pays the Forum for the pages used, whether the content is news stories, unitscopes or advertising. 

Therefore, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to reimburse the board directly – preferably in advance of publication -  for the cost of these ads. If the district treasurer is required to invoice a sponsoring unit for advertising costs, the charge will be an additional $25 beyond the normal price when paid in advance. 

The scale of charges for a quarter-page ad is $150 for a camera-ready ad for the first insertion, and $125 each for any second or third insertion. Charge for an eighth-page ad is $50 per insertion, and must be paid in advance. 

Checks for advertising should be made out to ACBL District 22, and mailed to: 

See Board of Directors page for name and address of current Treasurer,

Besides the cost of the ad paid to the district, if the ad is not of good enough quality to be published camera-ready, and therefore must be rebuilt here at the Forum office, an additional charge – usually around $30-$50 – may be billed directly from the staff for labor. 

70% Game Reports 

If you are a director or club manager reporting 70% games, be advised that the information must be submitted by e-mail, and should be in the format which is published each month, that is: exact percentage, followed by names of the winning pair, followed by the club or tournament where the score was registered, followed by the date. 

If you are a unitscope editor reporting such a game, either send it in a separate email clearly marked “70% game,” or make sure that the information is in a separate paragraph above the regular report detailing your monthly unitscope report.