ACBL District 22 Document Repository

This page is the gateway to District 22's Document Repository and Archives. Some of the information is also contained in menu items on various pages of the is website. There are five documents that are intended to help navigate the repository. The top two are the ones of most interest and usefulness. The first one shows the general directory structure and the second one collects documents for specific jobs, secretary, treasurer etc.

The first of these is probably the most useful for quickly finding particular topics. There are documents providing a description of what a particular task or committee is expected to do and what some of the issues are. There are more documents about the detailed expenditures of the Regional tournaments. There are documents listing the various rules that the District voted to implement in past years. There are Tax documents and Contracts. Some actions of the board going back to the 1970's are included.

Most of these documents are accessible, but some such as Contracts and Taxes and certain personnel matters are not. It is suggested that one can find most information just by browsing.