Pacific Southwest Regional, March 25 - April 1, 2018

The San Diego Regional will be here at the end of March. This is a well attended event with players from all over the country and some from other countries. It will be held as usual at the Town and Country Convention Center. We hope to see you there.

Two D22 Bridge Children and Families

A Grandparents and Grandchildren Bridge Story

A local pair has taken their grandchildren to National and Local tournaments for several years. We hope that their Report on bridge with grandchildren may provide inspiration to some of you.

The Kolesnik Adventures

The Kolesniks

2018 Non Life Master Regional, Palm Springs, CA Jan, 2018

The 3rd Annual Non-Life Master Regional (NLMR) was held in Palm Springs on January 18 through 20, 2018. Players from Canada to Connecticut competed in team and pair events. The tournament hosted 432 tables. A NLMR has become a popular offering for Districts to provide opportunities for Intermediate and Novice players to earn points in competitions with their peers. When District 22 partnered with Unit 533 in 2016 to offer a NLMR there were 8 such tournaments, in 2018 there will be 16.

Scott Magged, Tournament Co-Chair and Scott Campbell DIC delivered another first class event. The team's Tournament Co-Chair Barbara Gibson needed to step down for health reasons. Her organizational skills made life easier for Nance Lodge who stepped in to Co-Chair. Nance's commitment to this tournament is without equal. This year every participant received gold! The give-away was bottled gold glitter an idea borrowed from another NLMR. The host hotel, the Hyatt Palm Springs, the food and hospitality and the Partnership Desk manned by Carol Wilkinson got rave reviews. The set-up crew was the largest contingent of volunteers ever amassed, thanks to Unit 533. The dates are set for 2019; please mark your calendar for January 17 -20. We salute the top ten masterpoint winners: Michael Wells; Mary Wells; Ed Gould; Cornelia Gould; Lori Kiefer; Susan Seelig; Mac Becket; Julie Nestibo; Dahl Cannons and Avi Schneller.

2018 Riverside Regional, Riverside, CA Jan 29-Feb 4, 2018a

D22 continued its wonderful Super Bowl Regional at the Riverside Convention Center where great bridge and great football merge! The Convention Center agreed to continue to provide free parking for all bridge players. We had xxxx tables in 2018, down from 1358 last year. People still had great things to say about the Convention Center. The weather was fantastic, like it usually is in California! Everyone enjoyed the daily hospitality with bagels, bakery, and the all-important coffee!

>p> The tournament hotels -- Marriott and Hyatt - had their bridge rate rooms all sold out long before the Tournament. Several blocks of the walking promenade allowed players to walk to numerous restaurants of all price ranges. There was even a Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. On Thursday, there was a 2-session Swiss Team event including A/X and separate bracketed BCD Swiss, similar to a typical Sunday. Players were guaranteed to play 2-sessions and there was always a chance to win their section until the very end. Lots of Gold points were awarded, along with nice section top awards and photos for the winners!

The Tournament staff (Ken Monzingo, Bonnie Bagley, Lamya Agelidis, Mary Ann Braden, Maritha Pottenger) and the Tournament Director staff (Arleen Harvey, Director-in-charge, Nancy Boyd, Scott Campbell, Tom Ciaccio, Patty Holmes, Peter Knee, Jeannie van der Meiracker, Paul O'Brien, Brendon Shuemaker, David White, Gary Zeiger) and our caddies led by Caddie Chairperson, Christina Itabashi, ensured the tournament ran smoothly the entire week. Maritha ran the Intermediate/Newcomer Program featuring the "Boot camp" lessons, ask an expert desk, learning hands, guest speakers between sessions, and cookies. Many thanks to the expert speakers including John Jones, Sam Madison, Norman Schwartz, Marjorie Michelin, and Paul Darin. Hospitality provided free $2 coupons each day, along with candy, and free lunch for players in Sunday Swiss and Fast Pairs.

The Sunday Swiss and Fast Pairs started at 9:30 am to accomodate those wishing to watch part of the Super Bowl game. Daily Bulletins were available on-line everyday at the Fast Results website. All the results of the game were posted on Jay Whipple's FastResults and ACBL Live shortly after the conclusion of the game. You can access the results at /Riverside.

The spring NABC will be held in Philadelphia, PA, March 7-18, 2018, followed by the Pacific Southwest Regional in San Diego, March 26-April 1, 2018. Please mark your calendars.