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    Welcome to the home page for Unit 540. Event Locations

The purpose is to keep any and all bridge players in San Luis Obispo County informed about what's happening and where, to provide a guide for any travelers passing through our small piece of heaven to any of the many games and great hospitality our area is so famous for, and lastly just 'cause it needed to be done!

    Please enjoy! 

For current games and times, or results, click the Calendar Link below. 

July Results        August Results           

All past or future calendars (with results) may be accessed on "the Games" page.

Past Sectional and special games results may be accessed on "the Results" page.


Profile section:
Latest player profile:  

Louise Wang        George Sheffield   

Barbara Hardin beginner group starting soon!

As a follow-up to the lesson Torre taught on The Longest Day, I plan to start a series of lessons for beginners on July 22, assisted by Gina Kirk.

Lessons will be at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in MB from 10:00-12:00 every Tuesday. 

There will be no charge to participants for the first 6 lessons. 

Lessons are open to all beginning players, preferably those with a little knowledge of the basic rules. 


Unit master point leaders:

Ace of Clubs     2014  2013  2012  2011 Final
The Ace of clubs list shows our unit members winning the most master points in our local clubs.

2014  2013  2012  2011 Final
The Mini-McKinney list shows our unit members winning the most master points anywhere.

Special Notice:  

Our Monthly Unit game is the 2nd Saturday of each month. The next unit game will be on August 9th 12:30pm at SLO Senior Center.

The Santa Maria Unit 543 4th Saturday Unit Game. The next game will be on July 26th 12 noon


Other news:

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