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    Welcome to the home page for Unit 540. Event Locations

The purpose is to keep any and all bridge players in San Luis Obispo County informed about what's happening and where, to provide a guide for any travelers passing through our small piece of heaven to any of the many games and great hospitality our area is so famous for, and lastly just 'cause it needed to be done!

    Please enjoy! 

For current games and times, or results, click the Calendar Link below. 

March Results          April Results        

All past or future calendars (with results) may be accessed on "the Games" page.

Past Sectional and special games results may be accessed on "the Results" page.


Barbara Hardin bshardin@sbcglobal.net is offering a 1 day workshop 
"Pro-Am pairs who want to improve their game - instant replays allowed" All levels welcome!

Tuesday April 21 10:00am-12:00noon
St. Peter's Parish Hall, Morro Bay
$5 fee includes workshop and afternoon game

Please join us for this opportunity to learn , refine your system, or help those working to improve. 
A PRO will be available at every table to answer questions and offer suggestions.

No advanced registration required. Partnerships encouraged but not required.

For more information contact Barbara Hardin bshardin@sbcglobal.net

The ACBL has instituted a new privacy policy and our unit has adapted it to our own electronic and hard copy distributions, email, game results and partnership searches. In order to be included in any distributions generated from the unit you must fill-out, sign and return this form to you club. For those that play at multiple clubs, it is only necessary to return it to one club. The following is a pdf copy that you can print out bring with you! 

Consent Form

Profile section:
Latest player profile:  

Michael & Bettye Landino      

Unit master point leaders:

Ace of Clubs     2015 2014  2013  2012  2011 Final
The Ace of clubs list shows our unit members winning the most master points in our local clubs.

2015 2014  2013  2012  2011 Final
The Mini-McKinney list shows our unit members winning the most master points anywhere.

Special Notice:  

Our Monthly Unit game is the 2nd Saturday of each month. The next unit game will be on April 11th 12:30pm at SLO Senior Center.

The Santa Maria Unit 543 4th Saturday Unit Game. The next game will be on March 28th 12 noon


Other news:

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