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    Welcome to the home page for Unit 540. Event Locations

The purpose is to keep any and all bridge players in San Luis Obispo County informed about what's happening and where, to provide a guide for any travelers passing through our small piece of heaven to any of the many games and great hospitality our area is so famous for, and lastly just 'cause it needed to be done!

    Please enjoy! 

Virtual Club Games with Unit 540!  Our unit is offering online bridge games at Bridge Base Online (BBO) with ACBL black masterpoints being awarded.  There are two sections:

  • Open section – games Monday through Friday at 1:10 pm – contact Director John Fields at jfields514@gmail.com for more information.
  • 99er section (every player having less than 100 masterpoints) – games Wednesday and Saturday at 1:20 pm – contact Director Jim Solomon at lsju63@gmail.com for more information.

Our club games are not open to the public. In order to play you will need to contact the game directors (names & emails above) and ask to be added to their approved user lists. In addition, the person you choose as your partner must also be on that list.

To participate, you must join BBO (become a member) at https://www.bridgebase.com/v3/, add some money to your account (go to BB$), and input your ACBL number. 

Our games are not available for registration until a couple of hours before their start times. The directors will send an email to everyone on their approved user list announcing when registration is open. Then, on the first BBO screen under Featured Areas, go to Virtual Clubs, then ACBL – North America and look for:

  • Pairs Central Coast Unit 540 Bridge
  • 99er Pairs Central Coast Unit 540 Bridge

When you find our game, click on it and invite your partner to join you.  Your partner must be logged in to BBO at that time in order to receive and accept your invitation.

Looking forward to seeing you at our virtual club games!

The Rank Advancement Brochure is available on 'the Board' page Current List click here.
The brochure lists all of those who have achieved the next ACBL rank.  For those on their way to becoming Life Masters, we acknowledge your perseverance and determination to improve your player skills.  For those who are already at the Life Master level and are reaching beyond, we applaud your continued growth and encourage you to share your expertise.  Our unit is stronger for your efforts.  

Thanks for supporting our games and our educational efforts.  We look forward to seeing your achievement in the coming years.  

All past or future calendars (with results) may be accessed on "the Games" page.

Past Sectional and special games results may be accessed on "the Results" page.

Monthly District 22 Electronic Forum link

Unit master point leaders:  

The Ace of clubs list shows our unit members winning the most master points in our local clubs.
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The Mini-McKenney list shows our unit members winning the most master points anywhere.
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Pictures: 2019 ACE of Clubs  2019 Mini-Mckinney