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Bridge Academy II is located at 77 Rolling Oaks Drive, in Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
Visit the BA II website!

To see the BA II club policies, look under INFORMATION on the BA II website.

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 Bridge Academy II's Owner, Alan Curtis

Alan STRONGLY encourages suggestions for improving your playing experience at BA II.
To send Alan a suggestion, just click his name.

Bulletin boards around the club:
Partnership: Looking for a partner for a certain day of the week, or maybe for a tournament? Fill out an index card (in a box on the bulletin board).
Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKinney: Updated monthly, this bulletin board shows the current leaders in our club's annual Masterpoint Races. The Ace of Clubs race counts masterpoints earned at the club only. Mini-McKinney counts all masterpoints earned at the club AND tournaments. Online points are not counted.
Bridge Classes: Flyers for classes being offered will be posted here.
<Tournaments: Flyers for upcoming area tournaments are in plastic folders on the bulletin board. Please take a flyer if interested!

           Just learning the game? Play in one of our Wednesday or Saturday morning 299er OR open games!
Call the club (805 495-0385) for details or a partner.
...and please be assured that BA II and our players always welcome anyone and everyone to ANY of our games!

           Some timeless bridge columns - both entertaining and informative.
Bridge Tips
Bridge Tips
Blue's Anatomy Part VI
2007 Blue Ribbon Diary Conclusion
Blue's Anatomy Part V
2007 Blue Ribbon Diary Part V
Blue's Anatomy Part IV
2007 Blue Ribbon Diary Part IV
Blue's Anatomy Part III
2007 Blue Ribbon Diary Part III
Blue's Anatomy Part II
2007 Blue Ribbon Diary Part II
Blue's Anatomy Part I
2007 Blue Ribbon Diary Part I
Tough Breaks
Handling bad trump splits
Slam Bidding
Slam Bidding
USBC Diary Part 6
Round of 16.(7/3/2007)
USBC Diary Part 5
Round Robin 2 ends.(6/27/2007)
USBC Diary Part 4
Round Robin 2 begins.(6/23/2007)
USBC Diary Part 3
Round Robin 1 completion.(6/22/2007)
USBC Diary Part 2
Round Robin 1 continued.(6/20/2007)
USBC Diary Part 1
An up close look at the USBC trials process.(6/19/2007)
Trick One
The most important trick and the most overlooked.(2/07/2007)
An introduction to the use of percentages in bridge.(12/09/2006)
A discourse on bridge basics aimed at newer players.(8/24/2006)
Don't play conventions for convetions sake.(7/30/2006)
The Best Defense is a Good Defense
Punish those overbidding opponents.(4/12/2006)
Desperate Times
Declaring advice for the overbidder.(2/26/2006)
The Art of the Falsecard
A look at classic falsecarding opportunities.(2/17/2006)
Ruling the Game
A gentle look at handling irregularities at the table.(1/27/2006)
The Bellwether
An anecdotal look at the "science" of luck.(1/21/2006)
MatchPoint Strategy
Pick Your Spot - Matchpoint Strategy (1/20/2006)
Setting a Goal
Setting a Goal (1/10/2006)