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For information about our Unit's primary venue, Bridge Academy II, and our daily games, call (805-495-0385),
or click the button above right - or, check it out: Tour Bridge Academy II
Click here to send email to Bridge Academy II to reserve a spot in a game, send suggestions to Alan...

To see recent BA II club game results online: Click here to go to the ACBL website; then select California, Thousand Oaks, BAII, and the game you're looking for.


The Unit's Monthly Financial Reports are now online
thanks to our Unit's Treasurer, Gene Crubaugh.
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Special Games Upcoming:
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This Month:

Our Thousand Oaks Sectional
runs Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th

General information
8 is Enough Team Games information

Lompoc Valley of the Flowers Sectional September 19-21
More information

Magic Mountain Sectional Tournament September 27 & 28, 2014 (in Santa Clarita)
More information

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