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 Change record - to allow the Board of Directors to monitor change requests.

15 july, 2019
Updated Board officer list, calendar page, August flyer.

7 july, 2019
Changed left side navigation, rearranged home page, added Betty Bratcher obit.

20 june, 2019
Restored tournament calendar with additional calendar buttons, added 2019 flyers.

22 may, 2019
Removed Darrell's Friday game from U531 Clubs page. Removed Friday Results from LEFTSIDE.

25 apr, 2019
Added June, July to calendar page.

8 apr, 2019
Updated calendar page, fixed Regional flyer typo, adjusted RESULTS area layout.

11 mar, 2019
Updated calendar page, posted Board Meeting minutes, added a link to Unit Game results, reworked & posted multiple flyers.

17 feb, 2019
Updated calendar page, posted Unit game results, started 2019 memoriam section.

6 jan, 2019
Added Board Meeting minutes, expanded Board Member list, updated calendar page,
posted Unit game results.

30 dec, 2018
Updated calendar page.

24 dec, 2018
Added December Board Meeting minutes and moved U531 results from homepage to left side.

22 dec, 2018
Added entries to Memoriam page.

13 dec, 2018
Added new In Memoriam page, changed LH navigation.

11 dec, 2018
Updated calendar page and tournaments page.

10 dec, 2018
Changed board member list on home page.

18 nov, 2018
Added a link to sectional results, changed Fallbrook results link, updated calendar page.

25 sep, 2018
Updated calendar page.

10 sep, 2018
Updated calendar page and tournaments page.

20 aug, 2018
Updated calendar page and tournaments page.

10 jun, 2018
Updated calendar published Unit Game results.

30 may, 2018
Fixed FORUM button link.
Thanks, Rick.

27 may, 2018
Added Soledad Club to Unit 539 Clubs (even tho it's U526).

10 apr, 2018
Updated calendar, changed Sectional flyer, removed President's message.

7 apr, 2018
Posted March Meeting minutes, labeled board member photo, updated board member list, accentuated Calendar items (grow).

5 apr, 2018
Updated calendar, changed Sectional flyers, added El Corazon prototype reso system.

19 mar, 2018
Updated calendar, posted Unit Game results. Added tech advice to Support Page re use different browsers.

28 feb, 2018
Posted link to Spring Sectional flyer on home page, removed Jeanette from Board Member list , added Feb 11 Board Meeting minutes.

27 feb, 2018
Posted 2017 Financial Reports, fixed Unit Game flyer, updated Calendar page (Spring Sectional).

15 jan, 2018
Posted Jan 2 Board Meeting minutes and Jan 14 unit game results. Updated Calendar page.

~ 2017 ~
31 dec, 2017
Updated Mini-McKenney & Ace of Clubs links; added Jan/Feb/Mar Unit Game flyers to Calendar page.

14 dec, 2017
Added NABC Results link on Tournament page.

24 nov, 2017
Changed Unit Game Results link on home page & Tournament page.

12 nov, 2017
Updated calendar, restored affiliates on RH side, added Fall Sectional results, MP Race logo & Unit 539 photo link.

2 oct, 2017
Updated calendar, Published meeting minutes, unit game results, Fall Sectional flyer..

16 sep, 2017
Updated calendar, Changed BCofNC photo and description.

3 sep, 2017
Updated calendar, published 9/3 Board Meeting minutes and results.

13 aug, 2017
Updated calendar, deployed aug unit game results, published Oct & Nov Unit game flyers.

12 aug, 2017
Added OC Regional to calendar,
changed homepage results to GROW.

7 aug, 2017
Deployed meeting minutes from july 2.

16 jul, 2017
Changed Ida's email address.

2 July, 2017
Changed board pres to Rick Norton, updated board minutes, posted unit game results, removed affiliates, added shout-out to Herb Schaffer, updated calendar.

20 Jun, 2017
Updated calendar, changed tournament masterpoint colors, deployed Ida's 3rd quarter schedule,

12 Jun, 2017
Deployed July unit game flyer, updated calendar.

26 may, 2017
Deployed Summer NLM flyers, updated calendar, fixed AIB schedule.

7 may, 2017
Added ACBL Live link and instruction page, updated calendar.

6 may, 2017
Updated calendar & marquee, took down Alert.

30 apr, 2017
Changed sectional lunch menus, added Forum button, removed 2016 Regional results.

25 apr, 2017
Removed El Corazon game-closed, updated calendar.

22 apr, 2017
Updated the calendar, reworded welcome msg, removed game-cancelled-Alert.

19 apr, 2017
Updated the calendar adding Sectional lunch menus, removed L.H. ACBL/Bulletin/D22/BBO links, added game cancelled Alert.

15 apr, 2017
Updated the 531 club page for Caryn, Harvey, Ida.

11 apr, 2017
Added El Corazon CLOSED warnings, updated calendar.

10 apr, 2017
Updated Harvey’s 2nd quarter schedule.

8 apr, 2017
Added NLM Sectional to tournament page, posted NLM results 2 places, changed tournament-calendar link to marquee.

7 apr, 2017
Posted Oside 2nd quarter schedule.

5 apr, 2017
Changed Fallbrook clubs to show both Avocado & Friendly.
Thanks, Karen.

4 apr, 2017
Updated calendar, June flyer & legacy website.

1 apr, 2017
Added event announcements to home page.
Updated legacy website.
Added Unit Game Results to tournament page.

14 mar, 2017
Published Board Meeting minutes.
Thanks, Lorraine.

12 mar, 2017
Updated calendar.

7 mar, 2017
Updated calendar, moved BG buttons to support page.

4 mar, 2017
Updated calendar, added image zoom to Download Instructions, removed president’s Update Msg from home page.

25 feb, 2017
Removed affiliate panel from u531 clubs page to expand clubs content.

20 feb, 2017
Added home-page-news-flash from Leon.

18 feb, 2017
Changed background-image, updated calendar, added Fallbrook results. Thanks, Fran.

11 feb, 2017
Changed photo page. Thanks, John. Added background-image test buttons to solicit feedback, please.

4 feb, 2017
Removed affiliates to expand calendar page, added Forum insert for NLM sectional.

3 feb, 2017
Updated calendar with u539 Sectional, 4/8 NLM Sectional flyer 3/12 Doris Reid flyer, Harvey’s request.

31 jan, 2017
Added Fall NABC to tournaments page, calendar. Updated the 4/8 NLM Sectional flyer.

30 jan, 2017
Replaced calendar image, updated calendar page, published Board Minutes & unit game results, changed Thursday Results link, removed Scripps club from u539.

27 jan, 2017
Moved calendar link up.

25 jan, 2017
Restyled header.

23 jan, 2017
Announced unit game with LH Calendar image. Added flyer download instructions on calendar page.

22 jan, 2017
Added Unit539 clubs.

21 jan, 2017
Fixed link to BCofNC results.

19 jan, 2017
Changed top banner style, top nav layout, board member list format.

17 jan, 2017
Added navigation buttons to top bar.

16 jan, 2017
Added Audrey Grant Festival
     to calendar.

15 jan, 2017
Deployed SUPPORT page sans navigation.

14 jan, 2017
Converted website to PHP removing javascript.

13 jan, 2017
Added Unit 549 Winter Sectional
     to calendar.

12 jan, 2017
Added results links to homepage.

11 jan, 2017
Reworked legacy website, moved it to ARCHIVES and linked to it.

9 jan, 2017
Changed home page Board photo.
Thanks, Scott.

4 jan, 2017
Ported prototype to TigerTech.

~ 2016 ~
30 dec, 2016
Protoyped javascript website on my server.

Remote tech support. Tech support from the road.

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A synopsis of the ACBL website hosting policy by someone unsure of his facts.

The ACBL provides a free website to each district. The D22 website is hosted by a web hosting company in the Bay Area and is found online at

The manager of the District website is allowed to give out a free website to each Unit in the District. 9 of 25 Units in D22 use this freeby and 4 others use the service to forward to a different hosting company.

Unit 531 is one of 9 Units using the D22 web hosting service. That’s why the URL looks the way it does:
Dist 22   acbldistrict22.com/D22
Unit 514 acbldistrict22.com/514
Unit 526 acbldistrict22.com/526
~Ours ~ acbldistrict22.com/531
Unit 532 acbldistrict22.com/532
Unit 534 acbldistrict22.com/534
Unit 540 acbldistrict22.com/540
Unit 541 acbldistrict22.com/541
Unit 543 acbldistrict22.com/543
Unit 548 acbldistrict22.com/548

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