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    ~ 2023 ~

    28 Jan, 2023
    Redid QUIZ page & FRONT page with board photo. Updated BOARD page photo, swapped Carol & Lance positions, rearranged board-business section, added September minutes. Replaced U531 club photos for Carlsbad & Fallbrook.

    25 Jan, 2023
    Added John Schooley's photo to
    IN MEMORIAM.   Thanks, Larry.

    23 Jan, 2023
    Updated quiz page w answers.

    22 Jan, 2023
    Restored Soledad Club/U539.
    Changed Encinitas/U531 photo, fixed results links.

    16 Jan, 2023
    Updated quiz page w answers.

    9 Jan, 2023
    Updated quiz page w answers,
    created December page w link.

    7 Jan, 2023
    Added the weekly bridge quiz page.

    ~ 2022 ~

    25 Dec, 2022
    Changed Redwood BC photo.

    18 Dec, 2022
    Reworked the home page, added PS results to Calendar page, moved Irving Gordon to In Memoriam. Thanks, Gene.

    16 Dec, 2022
    Added Holiday Results to LH side, removed Wirt's schedule from calendar page.

    3 Dec, 2022
    Reorganized RESULTS (LH side) with iframes.

    27 nov, 2022
    Removed sectional photo & results from home page.

    21 nov, 2022
    Added Unit 538 to Area Clubs
       & page for SOCBC.

    7 nov, 2022
    Replaced sectional flyer with results on front page. Thanks, Ida.

    30 oct, 2022
    Moved Wootsie Stockton to In Memoriam.

    27 oct, 2022
    Moved Iona Bernard to In Memoriam.

    10 oct, 2022
    Added 2 flyer download buttons to the home page.

    12 sep, 2022
    Added August Minutes draft copy to BOARD BUS page. Added Ida's 4Q schedule to CALENDAR page.

    6 sep, 2022
    Moved Ali Mahdavi & John Schooley to In Memoriam.

    26 jul, 2022
    Added a link to Club Championship results on the home page.

    27 jun, 2022
    Updated Calendar page & added preliminary minutes to Board Businesss page.       Thanks, Trish.

    25 jun, 2022
    Removed plea for a return of the Monday Oside game, changed name tag sign-up policy, published approved board meeting minutes on the Board Business page.         Thanks, Trish.

    15 jun, 2022
    Removed Harvey's schedule.
    Thanks, Trish.

    7 jun, 2022
    Added plea for reinstating Monday game, removed dearly departed from home page.

    28 may, 2022
    Added name tag offer to home page, posted Board Meeting minutes to Board Business page.

    13 may, 2022
    Removed Oside & Fallbrook Monday game from schedule. Added BBO procedure for Harvey's game & updated Ida's schedule.

    8 apr, 2022
    Changed COVID infection announcement to "all healed".
    Referenced Unit Game planning on LH side.

    1 apr, 2022
    Added COVID infection announcement to home page.

    19 mar, 2022
    Changed home page to remove club opening guidelines, added bidding-box insert.

    27 feb, 2022
    Updated Ida's Schedule & removed Magdalene Krish from MEMBERS.
    (She moved to Dallas.)

    3 feb, 2022
    Moved Marie Nelson to Memoriam page & added her to Home page.

    29 jan, 2022
    Moved Ashok Sethi to Memoriam page & added last few lost members to Home page.

    11 jan, 2022
    Updated Ida's game schedule again.

    8 jan, 2022
    Added Board Meeting minutes to Board Business page & updated calendar page.

    2 jan, 2022
    Updated calendar page.

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    ~ 2021 ~

    31 dec, 2021
    Added Ida's new game schedule.

    21 nov, 2021
    Published board minutes from Feb/2020.
    Moved Cornell Jaray & Millie Smith to Memoriam page (2014 & 2009).

    20 nov, 2021
    Removed members who left town:
    ♥ Carol & Steve Bruno
    ♥ Barbara & Jerry Jarvis
    ♥ Paul Foster
    ♥ Wootsie Stockton

    18 nov, 2021
    Changed the home page to state that the BOARD MEETING was held, updated the Board page with new officer positions, posted Treas Report, waiting for group photo & meeting minutes.

    16 nov, 2021
    Added Unit Game results, changed Maria's broadcast from Elections to Board Meeting via zoom.

    31 oct, 2021
    Removed calendar from home page.

    14 oct, 2021
    Updated Fallbrook BC contact info & added SIGN UP link to Unit 531 Clubs page for EY.

    8 sep, 2021
    Moved Jo Smith to Memoriam page.

    31 aug, 2021
    Added Nina Laughbaum's Wednesday game to homepage calendar & expanded LH RESULTS links.

    25 aug, 2021
    Rearranged Memoriam page, added Don Cooper w obit (bottom RH corner).

    22 aug, 2021
    Added new Forum page, changed Forum top button. Moved Fayne Shead to Memoriam page w obit.

    21 aug, 2021
    Changed the homepage calendar & added Board Election notice.
    Fixed the homepage & U531 club page RESULTS links.

    11 aug, 2021
    Changed the homepage to show club re-openings. Fixed U531 club page RESULTS links, changed El Corazon game to Carlsbad Friday Bridge.

    15 jul, 2021
    Added Stanley Westreich to Memoriam page w obit.

    3 jul, 2021
    Added Mary Stetson's photo to members page, moved Ray Wilhelm to Memoriam page.

    25 jun, 2021
    Removed CANCELLATION notices on home & calendar pages.

    12 jan, 2021
    Added CANCELLATION NOTICE to home & calendar pages.