Welcome to the Fresno Bridge Center online partnership desk. You are invited to use this service to find partners for Fresno club games and sectionals.
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ACBL players seeking a partner for Fresno club games and nearby sectionals should e-mail their information directly to partnerplease@gmail.com. Your partnership request should be posted within 24 hours, usually by 11 pm of the date of your e-mail.

Please include the following information in your email message:

  1. Your contact information: name, email address, or phone
  2. The days and times for which you need a partner (e.g., Monday afternoon or Monday aft April 29)
  3. For tournaments, enter the sessions (only for tournament listed below)
  4. Your masterpoint total
  5. Bidding system(s) that you are comfortable playing
As your needs change, be sure to update your information via email request.

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Fresno Non Life Master Sectional (August 10-11)
Visalia Sectional (May 17 - 19)