The OMNI Hotel is about a dozen minute level stroll to the playing venue at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. The OMNI is on the edge of the renowned Gas Lamp District with plentiful highly ranked restaurants, shops, and art galleries. The hotel is at a green line trolley stop with a stop essentially across the street from the Grand Hyatt as well (2 minutes between them according to the trolley website). The Embarcadero Marina Park on San Diego Bay is right across the street. For walkers: November average temperatures: 70/54. Average rainfall: 1”. Average days of rainfall: 4.
According to the hotel websites, rooms at The OMNI are 360 square feet versus 340 at the Grand Hyatt. The OMNI’s guest rooms underwent a thorough renovation in 2013 with new mattresses this year. The public spaces, particularly the lobby and lounge, were remodeled in 2016. The OMNI is roughly 1/3 the size of the Grand Hyatt, creating a very different ambience.
TripAdvisor classifies The OMNI as a 4 Star hotel and ranks it 16th out of 278 hotels in San Diego (the Grand Hyatt, which TripAdvisor classifies as a 3 Star hotel, is 25th). Yelp ranks The Omni 4 out of 5 stars as compared with 3 ½ out of 5 for the Grand Hyatt. Rates in November on their respective websites: The Omni is $242 per night versus $209 at the Grand Hyatt.
The group room rate is $129 compared to the Grand Hyatt at $149. Both are before taxes. Wifi is free as is the fitness center (open 24 hours).
There is a limited block of rooms which can only be reserved until 5 pm on October 24 (assuming the block isn’t full prior to that date).
To reserve your room, call the OMNI after August 6 at 1-800-843-6664. You must reference the Bob Law Bridge Group to get the group rate. If you have difficulties, please contact me:
Bob Law 503-608-5150