Fresno Unit 522 Distinguished Service Award

     The Distinguished Service Award was started in 1977 by Matt Guagliardo.  The award is given to members who have served the unit in its mission, to promote bridge through education and tournament sponsorship, and to make bridge an enjoyable experience for all who participate.  One of the purposes of the award was to honor those who continued to contribute service to the unit over a long period of time.
     The unit president, with the help of the unit board, chooses the award winner.  It is presented at the unit Christmas party in December.

Gladys Seymour
Matt Guagliardo
Bob Durbrow
Ginny Dow

Dora Gostanian

Jerry Faas
Mary Lou Bert
1992 Lois Bailey

2001 Monique Irion

2011 John Simpson
Peggy Ochs
Richard Meffley
1993 Verlee O’Neill

2002 Byron Steinert

2012 Jay  Shapiro

1994 Victor Koehler

2003 Jerry Baker

2013 Mary Lou Pease
Mary Tappe
Jack Burnett
Homer Linderman
Evelyn Maddox
Celia Methvin
Lorna Brink

1995 John Schnell

Sandy Dippollet
Ingrid Dippollet

1983 Linda Ash

1996 Anita Penny

2005 T. Bruce Smith

2014 Laura Da Costa
Sydney Levey

1984  Annette Manson

1997 Barbara Taniguchi

2006 Judy Nicholson

2015 Jackie Finn
Pat Tylor

1985 David Ash

1998 Ina Lake

2007 Mike Molinari

2016 Gay Berry
  Margaret Mahaffey

1986 Jane McCoy

1999 Imogene Camp

2008 Kay Chrisman

2017 Marion Austin

1987 Agnes Ash

2009 Jill Wood

2018 Don Austin

1988 Mary Lou Da Costa

1988 Keiko Collins

1989 Beverly Bergold