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Publication of the Fresno Unit of the American Contract Bridge League 1320 E Shaw Ave Suite 100 93710      Editor, Richard Meffley


June 23

The annual Graduation Party honors all new Life masters and the winners of the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs award and the MiniMcKenney award winners. The Ace of Clubs winners go to the top master point winners at club games in 15 masterpoint categories. The MiniMcKenney awards go to the top total masterpoint winners at club games and tournaments in the same categories.

We’ll have a Pot Luck party at noon, followed by the traditional Pro-Am pairs game at 1 pm.



Friday June 21

This is our annual all day bridge extravaganza to support the Alzheimer’s Association.  We have five games starting from 6 am to 6:45 pm. We’re charging the regular $10 price, but if you play three games or more, it’s $25 total for the first three games. You can also make cash or check donation at the game, or you can donate on line by looking up Alzheimer’s Association Longest Day. Click on “find” and enter 522 in the search by participant.

There is an individual game at 6 am, and pair games at 9:00, 12:30, 4:30, and 6:45. The 4:30 game will be Fast Pairs – a fun game that requires players to play each hand a couple of minutes faster than usual. A 299er game and an open game are scheduled for 12:30. The 6:45 game is a barometer game.



FRIDAY June 7 6:30

SATURDAY June 8 Noon

We haven’t held this event for several years. Players all over the world play the same boards. The ACBL gives extra master points and the scores of all games throughout the world are compared and scored in England. You’ll get to see how your score compares with players not only in Fresno, but also in most bridge playing countries in the world.  Analyses of the hands will also be available. Top scores in each district receive even more master points.


The Visalia sectional was marked by tragedy as tournament director Tom Ciacio suffered a heart attack and passed away at the start of the Sunday Swiss teams.

Many of our players placed in the tournament. Jacqui McGreal and Barbara Thacker were fourth twice in the open pairs. Gerard Laquerriere and Lowell Gist were first, second, and third in three open pairs. Bill Glass and Richard Meffley took second and third in open pairs. Naguib Abdallah and Victor Greener were third, fourth, and seventh. Bill Glass and Patrick Carroll were second. Jacqui McGreal and John Jones won the open pairs. Judy Zimmerer and Irene Whelchel were third. Kim Morris and Victor Cheng were sixth and seventh. Judy Zimmerer and Rhonda Hampton were fourth and fifth in flight B. Rhonda Hampton and Renee Laquerriere were first and second in flight C. Joni Roberts and Nancy Hays were second and third in flight C. Mary Lou Pease and Judy Jessick were sixth in flight B. Pat and John Simpson were also sixth in flight B. Diane McDonough and Jim Luther were third in flight C. Robert and Tay Cherry were fifth in flight C.

At the Eugene regional, Robert and Tay Cherry were first in flight B of the evening Swiss team and fourth in flight B of the side game.

Congratulations to all!


This month Mun’s lessons are on Conventions and the convention card. The lessons are on Tuesday June 4 at 10am and Thursday June 13 at 6:00 pm.

There are dozens of conventions and modifications of conventions, but you only need to learn a few of them and know them to play well. Mun will show you the ones you really need.

    Free beginning lessons continue on Saturday mornings at 9 am.

                Lessons before the noon 299er game start on June 19. Come at 11:15 to hear Byron Steinert, Laura Da Costa, or Mary Lou Pease.


                The Wednesday noon 299er game is off to a good start. If you have under 300 masterpoints, why not call Laura or Mary Lou (288-2340) and join them. Byron Steinert will start lessons at 11:15 for the 299ers on June 19.

                The top winners in Madera for May were Virginia Hailey and Barbara Diebert, followed by Steve Johnson and George Dalition. Steve leads for the year followed by Barbara, Carol Kaufman, Gary Nelson, and Virginia Hailey.

                The top winners at the Fresno Bridge Center for April were Mark Stern, followed by Bill Glass, Laura Da Costa, and Bob Durbrow. Steve Johnson leads for 2019, followed by Ray April, Bill Glass and Mark Stern.

                Jonel Mueller leads the 99ers for 2019, followed by Pat Heckathom, Ruby Buttereck, and Mary Claire Ewing.

                REACH will go from July 29 to August 4. This stands for Regional Event at Club House. You will be able to win red and gold points right at your club. ACBL has not announced the rules, but it should be similar to a STAC game, except with red and gold points. Be sure to play at your club that week.

Treasurer’s report  

Once approved by the board, a hard copy of the latest financial reports are available at the clubhouse. What you will see this month is that we lost a little over $540 last month. Once again, thank you Mun. If we just rely on table fees, we lose $1000 a month. Mun’s excellent lessons bring in about $500 a month. Do the math and go to her lessons.

If you look at some details of the reports, you might have questions, like these:

-What is the $252 in Food Supplies? That is the cost of food for the 75th anniversary BBQ. Looks like a loss, but actually it is, in the way of scoring Swiss Pairs, a push. Our normal Unit game income is around $1450 a month. (March recording was screwy because of the bank change.) April’s Unit game income was about $1600. Do the math. Not such a loss. 

-Are we ahead for the year? Yes, but as of April 30. Don’t get excited. For the year to date, as of April 30, we are roughly $1700 ahead. But in May we had to spend $2560 to replace a 10-year old computer that tracks scores.  This expense will show up in the next month on the next Balance Sheet (excuse me: Statement of Financial Position since that is the name of the same report for a non-profit) as an asset. Do the math.

-Why are the Suncrest and Chase Bank showing zeros? Those accounts are now closed, but they will show up on the reports for the remaining fiscal year. We have completed the move of our money to Premier Valley Bank, a five-star bank according to Forbes. We have new corporate credit cards, linked to that bank. You may notice a very slight trend upwards of interest.

Summary: we are in as good a financial shape as we could be. If left to just table game, we lose money. But with a few fundraisers, we can break even.

Upcoming: LONGEST DAY.  I lost my mother to this longest goodbye. It skips a generation, so raising funds for research for my children is something I am passionate about.  The money raised that day does not impact our club. It goes straight to the national coffers. For a good cause, play as many games as you can, ple




1  Bill Glass - Anthony Toto - Don Austin - Marge Field



 1A          Belva Quattrin - Barbara Thacker

2A1BC  Kay Chrisman - Mary Lou Pease

3A2B     William Glass - Kah (Kato) Yoa Yeung

3B           Ray April - Laura Da Costa

2C           Jim Luther - Diane McDonough



1A           Belva Quattrin - Victor Greener

2A           Laura Da Costa - Ray April

3A1B     Steve Johnson - June Oeser

2B           Mary Lou Pease - Jane Bragg


1              Sandy Petrie - Pat Heckathorn

2              Clint Hudson - Walt Kelso



Gerard Laquerriere - Lowell Gist (25A)

Patricia Creede - Paul Messner [B](39B)

Victor Greener - Dave Haberstich (57A)

Judy Jessick - Bettylee Wapner [C]

Victor Greener - Dave Haberstich

Peter Weber - Susan Vildosola [B]

Judy Zimmerer - Rhonda Hampton [C]

Laura Da Costa - Carol Rodder (6B Aux)

Judy Nibler - Angelina Heisdorf [C]

Victor Greener - Richard Meffley (6)

Patrick Carroll - John McGregor [B]

Laura Da Costa - Renee Laquerriere

Richard Meffley - Steve Johnson (4 Aux)

Laura Neville - Ruth Christensen [B](5 Aux) (3B Aux)

Richard Meffley - Victor Greener(7 Aux)

Laura Neville - Irene Whelchel (5B Aux)

Skip Miller - Cynthia Tingey (5B Aux)

Carol Miller - Carol Rodder (6C Aux)



  750 STAC 

Mary Ann Clark - Beverly Little (4B)

Steve Johnson - Ruby Buttereck (3B)

Robert Cherry - Tay Cherry

Jerry F. Noga - John Hempel (1)


99er STAC

Sandy Petrie - Pat Heckathorn (1)

Clint Hudson - Walt Kelso (1)

Ruby Buttereck - June E. Weber (2)


299er STAC

Steve Johnson - JoAnn Huebner (1)

Don Myers - Doris Myers [B]

Barry Katz - Walt Kelso [B](4C)



½             Laura Da Costa

½             James Sweet

3              William Glass

1C           June Oeser



Paul Mertens and Clem Bingham

Al Ellis and Joni Roberts  (2)

Paul Mertens and Judy Van Winkle

Paul Mertens and Karen McCartin

T. Srinivasan and Ken Doig

Gary Smith and Lorraine Bocks

Ken Doig and Claire Molnar

Diane McDonough and Nancy Hays



Jim Mckoane - Barbara Thacker

Laura Neville - Jim Mckoane

John McGregor - William Glass

Barbara Thacker - Robert Durbrow

Victor Greener - Mark Stern

Victor Greener - Richard Meffley

Judy Zimmerer - Rhonda Hampton
Laura Da Costa - Sally Anne Stern [B]

Peter Weber - Susan Vildosola [B]

Rev. Jim H. Luther - Al Crane [B]

Clint Hudson - Walt Kelso [B]

Laura Da Costa - Gwen Davey [B]

William Glass - Patrick Carroll [B]

Jim Mckoane - Barbara Thacker [B]

Jackie Finn - George Efthemon [C]

Paul Messner - Jane Bragg [C]

Debbie Kemp - Jason Mcalexander [C]



Robert Cherry - Tay Cherry

Jonel Mueller - Barbara Wiedel

Patricia Creede - Rita Gladding

Deb Petersen - Cynthia Tingey

Steve Johnson - Ruby Buttereck [B]

Marlene Robinson - Doris Myers [C]

Joan Fritz - Marge Field [C]




JoAnn Huebner - Marilyn J. Kendall

Nancy Jones - Georgia Murach [B]



Ed Keller - Margot Cegielski

Pat Heckathorn - Sandy Petrie [B]



Walt Kelso - Alvin Fred Schellack

Clint Hudson - Barbara Gaudin

Julia Kendall - Tom Callahan

Ed Keller - Margot Cegielski

Pat Heckathorn - Sandy Petrie [C]