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Volume LXV No 5  May 2013



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MAY 5, 2013
    The first Sunday of May we hold a Unit Championship in honor of Peggy Ochs and all our members who have passed away during the last year. We’ve lost over a dozen members and former members since last year. Peggy directed games before we moved to the clubhouse on Clinton Avenue and for many years after, directing the Sunday unit game and several afternoon games. She also taught bridge to many new members. Please join us for a pot luck lunch at noon and the Unit Championship at 1 pm.

At the Bakersfield sectional, Gerard Laquerriere and Richard Meffley were first and fifth in the open pairs and second in the Swiss teams.
Welcome to new member Mike Brown and former member Gary Nelson, who is returning to bridge after a long absence.
Congratulations to new Junior Masters Madaline Lynes and Dorothy Stitt, new Club Masters Don and Marion Austin, new Sectional Master Barbara Kelley, and new Silver Life Master Pat Simpson. We had pineapple upside down cake at the Madera Bridge Club to celebrate Pat’s birthday, and it turned out she and her husband John won the game to get more than the .66 master points she needed. A double celebration!   
Our sympathy is extended to Jim Sweet, whose mother Charlene Sweet recently passed away. Charlene and her husband were long time members. For many years she made signs and banners for the bridge club, telling us about our upcoming events.
Our sympathy is also extended to the family of Darleen Bewley, who passed away last week. She was a frequent player at the Madera Bridge Club.
Get well wishes go to Marie James.

             The Alzheimer’s Association has designated June 21, 2013, as a day to have activities to support the Alzheimer’s Association. This is the first year and the ACBL is the inaugural partner. In the next few weeks we will decide on activities to be held all throughout the day, including the games held at their regular times.    

            Our annual graduation party will be held June 23. We’ll honor our new Life Masters and others including the Ace of Clubs winners, for those who won the most master points in club games during 2012. This game always starts with a pot luck lunch at noon followed by a Pro-Am pairs game. Everyone is considered either a pro or an amateur. We randomly pick pros to play with “am’s.” It’s a fun day, so plan to attend.

       University High School has special activities the last two weeks of May.  This year bridge will be one of the activities. It fits in perfectly with the ACBL bridge series – the ACBL bidding book has nine lessons for the nine days. Thirty-two students have signed up for bridge. A few already know bridge. Steve Sharp will teach, with some volunteer helpers. We’re planning a tournament for them at the bridge club on the following Sunday, June 2. ACBL contributes trophies, caps, and other items for the lessons. We hope to get people acquainted with a game they’ll love their whole lifetime. At least one other school has expressed interest in bridge classes.
Trump leads are frequently effective when dummy is known to be 4-4-4-1 and they are playing a four-four fit.


    The Unit has amended its cell phone policy. For unit games, cell phones must be off or on vibrate during the game. Players should not delay the game by answering calls. Calls should be answered outside the playing area. A penalty of one-half board may be assessed. (Meaning if 8 is top, the penalty is 4 match points). Other club directors may follow this policy. The main change in the policy is that the penalty has increased.

  March 15 to April 15, 2013

1A    Richard Meffley - William Glass
2A1B    William Wood - Jill Wood
3A    Margaret Mahaffey - Monique Irion
2B1C    Jay Shapiro - Judy Dodd
3B2C    Anthony Toto - Jackie Finn

1/3    Lois High - Gay Berry
1/3   Sally Anne Eatherly - Mary Lou Pease
1/3   Deb Petersen - Rhonda Hampton

1AB    Victor Greener - D Zody
2A    William Glass - Avis Morse
3A2B1C    Paul Messner - Lynn Green
2B    Judy Jessick - Sally Perring

1    Bill Burns - Bonnie Burns
2/3    Jane Willson - Linda Pickett
2/3    Robert Cherry - Tay Cherry

1A    Deni Glenn Boeve - Robert Durbrow
2A1B    Ray April - Jay Shapiro
3A    Barbara Thacker - John Simpson
2B    Steve Sharp - Laura Da Costa
3B    Victor Greener - Skip Miller
1C    George Dalition - Linda Coppersmith
2C    Barbara Taniguchi - Diana Papazian
3C    Martha Waller - Virginia Johnson

1    John Simpson - Pat Simpson
2    Paul Messner - Delia Green
3    Irene Whelchel - Laura Neville

1A    Jay Shapiro - Judy Jessick
2A    Ron Vieira - Sandy Richardson
3A1B    Marlene Frazier - Cheryl Hiney
2B1C    Nadine Nemechek - Donna Berman
3/4B    Bonnie Dalition - George Dalition
3/4B    Angelina Heisdorf - Barry Druffel
2C    Edward Grootendorst - Therese Grootendorst
3C    Deb Petersen - Barbara Wiedel

1    William Glass
2    Carol Kaufman
3    Gwen Davey
4    Roberta Beam

William Glass - Rhonda Hampton
Victor Greener - Mark Stern


with tournament links
Bay Area (D21) Tournaments

California and nearby tournaments from Forum


The Western Conference holds its Spring Fling STAC tournament the second week of May. All master points won at the STAC are silver points. Most of our clubs have registered for the game. Players from all over the West compete, playing the same hands each morning, afternoon, and evening from May 6 to May 12. With several hundred tables in play in many of the sessions, a really big score can win over 20 silver points. Be sure to try for some silver points. Every year a few of our members make the overalls and get a bundle of silver points.

               Starting in May, the Thursday morning game will be run by Jay Shapiro and Jackie Finn. The Tuesday and Thursday games are both participating in a jackpot game. The jackpot goes up $5 when no one wins. Whoever gets a 70% game in either morning wins the jackpot. Check the thermostat at the bridge center to see the current jackpot amount.  Call Jay at 916-216-7732 or Jackie at 435-0858 for more information.

               Top Oakhurst players for April were Karen McCartin, Joe Fox, Corey Cole, Paul Mertens, Ken Doig, and Claire Molnar. Top players in Madera for April are Carol Kaufman and Pearl McGinnis, followed very closely by Gay and Larry Slates. The 2013 leader is Carol Kaufman, followed by John Simpson, Gay Slates, and Morgan Johnson.

     The top player at the Fresno Bridge Center in March was Jay Shapiro, followed by Ray April, Barbara Thacker, and Victor Greener. Ray leads for 2013 followed closely by Jay Shapiro. The top 99er for March was Rhonda Hampton, followed by Marion Austin, Tay Cherry, and Bill and Bonnie Burns. Gloria Durbrow leads for 2013.   

    Mary Lou Da Costa and Laura Da Costa will be on a cruise from May 15 to May 25. Call Maggie Mahaffey or Jay Shapiro for questions about the Monday or Friday games while they are cruising.

     We’ve added a self-service Partnership Desk to our website. Just click on Partnership Desk on our home page for instructions. Send an e-mail to partnerplease@gmail.com with your contact information and what games you want to play in. We’ll try to update daily. You can also put in a request for Fresno sectionals and the Visalia sectional. If you need a partner, you can check the website or add your own information. Thanks to John Barrere for suggesting an online partnership desk. We’ve put his information up so you can see how it works.

    We keep seeing the same incorrect versions of Standard American.  When we let ourselves open light in third position, our partner must allow for it.  Bids cannot be forcing if you’re a passed hand and your partner opens light. Therefore you can’t temporize by bidding at the two level when you have support for your partner’s major. Partner should be able to pass your bid with a minimum. Therefore you must raise immediately when you have a raise.
    Doug Drury invented an excellent convention to solve the problem – the Drury convention. The basic convention is to bid two clubs when you have a limit raise or so for partner’s third hand major. Partner’s response tells you what t kind of a third hand opener he has. are several variations, but the most common is reverse Drury, in which rebidding shows a very light opener.
    Another problem is reverses. Reverse is not a convention. You can’t say you don’t play reverses unless this bidding sequence is not allowed to happen: 1C P 1S P 2H. A reverse forces your partner to bid at the three level to go back to your first suit. Since partner may have only six points, you could play at the 3 level with 18 points together unless you agree, as most do, that a reverse is only done with a good hand.

     Once again we'll have a chance to bid to play with one of our Life Masters.  The auction starts when bidding aparatus arrives at the Bridge Center and continues until the Pro-Am game on June 30. At that time, the high bid for each pro gets to play with the pro at some future club game as soon as the bid price is paid. The bidder and the pro should get together and arrange to play. 


Al Crane- Judy Hecht
Joe Fox - Corey Cole(4)
Marcus Shouse - Jackie Burns
Eileen & Fred Nickerson(2)
Claire Molnar - Karen McCartin
Ken Doig - Gardner Murray
Clem Bingham - Paul Mertens
Al Ellis - Ray Gallardo
Karen McCartin - Judy Hecht
Karen McCartin - Paul Mertens
Claire Molnar - Dana Marble
Karen Henning - Ellie Withee

Delia Green - Laura Neville
Barbara Thacker - Jim McKoane
Robert Durbrow - Belva Quattrin
Jay Shapiro - George Dalition
Barbara Thacker - Skip Miller
Ray April - Howard Arquette
Victor Greener - Skip Miller
Virginia Johnson - Ruth Christensen
John Simpson - Morgan Johnson
Ted Macaulay - Cynthia Dixon
Charlotte Maschke - Paul Messner
Jim McKoane - Laura Neville
Sandra Zovod - D Zody
Robert Durbrow - Victor Greener
George Dalition - Gwen Davey[B]
George Dalition - Jay Shapiro[B]
Gay & Larry Slates[B}
Dora Gostanian - Jason McAlexander[C]

Jay Shapiro - Judy Dodd
Beth Matheny - Max Winter
Mary Ann Clark - Gay Berry
Ruth Christensen - Estee Strombotne
Carol Willoughby - Judy Geary[B]
Kathleen Coit - William Coit[B]
Barbara Kelley - Rhonda Hampton[C]
Judy Pardun - Karin Blanchard[C]

Rhonda Hampton - Marilyn J. Kendall
Andrew Graves - Donna Miller

Joyce Aiken - Donna Miller
Edward Grootendorst - Therese Grootendorst

Andrew Graves - Rhonda Hampton
Suzanne Sobenes - Jo Ann Hollenbeck
Ellen Stoneburg - Marion Peterson
Linda H. Rogers - Michael J. Rogers
Marion Peterson - June E. Weber
Suzanne Sobenes - Jo Ann Hollenbeck
Don Austin - Marion Austin
Andrew Graves - Kathleen Graves
Marion Peterson - Pat Snyder
Jack Baker - Nancy Baker
Jocelyn Neville - Madeline Lynes
Linda Mackenzie - Marge Samuelson