Fresno 299er Sectional
August 12-13, 2006

Fresno Bridge Center
2415 E. Clinton Ave at Fresno St.
Fresno, California 93703
ACBL Sanction   SN  0608084

Saturday August 12, 2006

10:00 A. M.   Stratified Pairs

  2:00 P. M.   Lunch & Learn
  2:30 P. M.   Stratified Pairs

Sunday August 13, 2006

10:00 A. M.   Stratified Pairs

  2: 00 P. M.   Lunch & Learn
  2: 30 P. M.   Stratified Swiss Teams

Stratifications will be 0/100/200/300
  49er Stratified Pairs will be 0/5/20/50
Master point leaders

Lunch & Learn - The Unit will provide a free lunch and a lesson for all players at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday and Sunday

Free Refreshments During all Sessions

Director                                           Richard Meffley
Tournament Chairman                      Richard Betcher                (559)325-6477
Partnerships                                     Mun Takeda               (559) 299-1578   or  (559) 431-9215   or  (559) 284-3750
Hospitality                                       Judy Nicholson                    (559)261-1155
                                                                          Dora Gostanian                     (559)299-1578

Entry Fees for dues paying ACBL Members per session are:  $8.00 (Non-dues Paying ACBL Members will be charged $8.50 per session)


From the south, going north on Highway 99 to Highway 41 than north on Highway 41 about three miles to McKinley Avenue.  West on McKinley Avenue approximately ½ mile to Fresno Street.  North on Fresno Street ½ mile to Terrace Street (one block north of Clinton Avenue) then west about 150 feet to the Fresno Bridge Center parking lot.
From the north, going south on Highway 99  to Clinton Ave. Travel east on Clinton to Fresno St.  Turn left, going north on Fresno Street.  The 1st street to the left (Terrace Street) then west about 150 feet to the Fresno Bridge Center parking lot                                                                

  Accomodations:     Quality Inn     4278 W. Ashlan  559-275-2727.

Best Western Village Inn
   (800) 722-8878    Blackstone & Shields